Children who are under the age of 18 years (minors) can apply to the Home Office for registration as British citizens by using (MN1 Application) under the British Nationality Act 1981. Depending upon your circumstances, the child can apply for registration under the below sections of the BNA 1981;

  • Section 1 (3) birth in the UK to parents who are now settled in the UK or have become British citizens;
  • Section 1 (3A) birth in the UK to parents who have joined the armed forces;
  • Section 3 (1) child whose parents are applying for British citizenship;
  • Section 3 (2) birth abroad to parents who are British by descent and have lived in the UK or a British overseas territory;
  • Section 3 (5) birth abroad to parents who are British by descent but are now living in the UK or a British overseas territory;
  • Section 3 (1) children adopted abroad by British citizen parents;
  • Section 3 (1) children whose parents had renounced and subsequently resumed British citizenship;
  • Section 3 (1) any other case not listed below where it is considered to be in the child’s best interests to be granted British citizenship;
  • Section 4D birth abroad to parents serving in the armed forces

Once a child has reached the age of 18 they will have to apply for naturalisation instead by using form AN.

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Children born in the UK

Children are entitled to registration under section 1(3) of the British Nationality Act 1981 if:

  • they were born in the UK
  • they were not British citizens at birth because at the time neither parent was a British citizen or settled
  • while they are minors either of the parents has since become a British citizen or settled in the UK
  • they are under the age of 18 on the date the application is received
  • they are of good character if over the age of 10

Registration under section 1(3) gives British citizenship otherwise than by descent.

Good character requirement for British citizenship

A child aged 10 or over must satisfy the good character requirement to succeed in his application for registration as a British citizen. The British Nationality Act 1981 does not define good character. However, the Home Office UKVI guidance sets out the types of conduct which must be taken into account when assessing whether a person has satisfied the requirement to be of good character. Consideration should be given by the Home Office caseworker to all aspects of a person's character, including both negative factors, for example, criminality, immigration law breaches and deception, and positive factors, for example, contributions a person has made to society.

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Solicitor fees for citizenship application

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